Hello and Welcome


It is wonderful that you have found your way here, giving me an opportunity to introduce you to my new record MUNA, which is coming out this fall. It has been ready and waiting for some time now for its moment to be heard and it brings me much joy and excitement that the time has come, for I have been excited to share it with you. [Read More]



We’re elated to announce that Marketa’s second solo record, Muna, will be available on 23rd September 2014 worldwide on ANTI Records and she will be touring North America and Europe this Fall.

Muna means “to remember” in Icelandic. Remembering that which has been forgotten is a recurring theme throughout this record. “I had been to Iceland for the first time with the Swell Season,” Marketa says. “I fell in love with it then and was sad to leave, although I knew someday something would bring me back. I am inspired by the open space, the wilderness of the nature, the strong energy coming from the land. There is a harmony, a balance, something that allows for a freer flow of creativity. It is easier to be one with oneself and one with everything and everyone around. This makes for better art, in my opinion.” Click through to learn more about Muna & to hear a song from the album called “This Right Here”.